Kern River Radio is managed by Alta Sierra Broadcasting, LLC., which is operated by Charlie Busch out of Kernville, California. Charlie has over 30 years of live broadcasting experience, famously known as "Doc Maynard" from KING 1090 AM in Seattle, Washington. Kern River Radio broadcasts live on three stations in the Kern River Valley:  

KCNQ 102.5 FM - Kern River Country: Today's Country

KRVQ 104.5 FM - The River: Timeless Rock

KVLI   1140 AM - Local News, Weather & Talk Radio

Among serving the residents of Kern River Valley the sounds of the southern Sierras, we also provide an advertising gateway for local merchants, community organizations, events, local services, and more. Some of our popular services include:

Community Calendar - Events, Fairs, Festivals, Derbies, and Community Projects 

Local News - Announcements, Updates, Alerts, Sports

Weather - Local conditions and forecasts in Kern County

Paws Cause - Free Local Lost & Found for animals (Radio & Internet)

Our broadcasting facility is the sole distributor of advertising revenue in the valley and offers affordable advertising packages that are sure to increase listener awareness to new local businesses, community events, announcements, and even lost animals. That's right! We love our furry little friends. As we love our listeners and advertisers. Not only can we deliver your spot on the airwaves, but we can spice it up and make it stand out with our own complete recording and production facility on location.  Now, you can also advertise on the website, as well as the radio stations and reach an even broader audience with our mobile friendly website that caters to the tourism sector via smartphones. Three options with unlimited potential, suited for everyone:

Tradio - A "no-budget" NON-Commercial Buy-Sell-Trade program for locals (on KCNQ 102.5 FM).

Internet Ads - Affordable marketing tool for websites and merchants. (Reciprocal Linking Offered)

Radio Ads - The best broadcast advertising packages that reach everyone in KRV. 

For more information on advertising options, Call Us at 760-376-4500


Broadcasting With Class


Kern River Radio is a community and family oriented broadcast company. We pride ourselves on wholesome, grassroots programming and support. Join our circle of quality advertisers today!

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Locally Oriented

Community Oriented

Our radio programs and services are tailored to the residents of Kern River Valley, making a premiere source of information for Kern Valley residents and visitors. We are integrated into all local community events, which makes our services valuable to anyone coming up to visit, work, or relocate. See what's happening now, in Kern River Valley!

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We Dig Music!

KCNQ 102.5 FM - Kern River Country

Great music is our passion! Eclectic taste, just doesn't quite cover it. Timeless hits have a message and musical quality that separates them from the rest. They are just as relevant today, as they were when they were written. The songs still move the masses and provoke us to think, feel, and empathize with the rest of the world. Tune in to Kern River Radio and hear the best of today's Country and timeless hits!

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